August 21st, 2002

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Well, it looks like everyone seems to be happy with the way things are going so far here. I will tell you one thing, I'm having a lot of fun. *chomps on Bacos*

Anywho, keep on asking your questions... that's what the club is for. Silly questions, thoughtful questions, whatever. It's fun. ^__________^

And my question for the day:

Why do people think that if they call with their request/complaint and spam the voicemail filling up the box every five minutes that they're gonna get help faster that way? (was annoyed at work... that is what brought that one on)
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self conscious skunk

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Here in Australia theres a few new shows that have recently started - well there new for us so shuddup :P

Anyway, ones called 24.. or 24 hours or something and another one if called Philly.

I was just wondering, are these actually good ? and more importantly are they still on in the U.S ? since I usually start getting into a show and it disappears from our screens never to be seen again.
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how funky is your chicken?

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What's wrong with this picture?

You call the phone company to get a service removed, because you can't afford to keep it. And the operator tells you that they can help you save money and looks over your service and then tries to SELL YOU MORE stuff?

I wanted to get inside wire service removed (regardless of how good an idea it is) because it adds on $6.50 a month to my account. So she looked through and asked if I wanted to enable collect calls to my house and if I wanted to buy X, Y and Z.

How does that save me money on my bill, if you want to pile more crap on it?
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Red Skull head

Mommy Dearest???

What is your opinion of the mother that is being charged with a crime for letting her small children get too sunburned? And how about the mother that still is nursing her 8 year old son?
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