August 20th, 2002



I don't understand why...why, why, why are the priests accused of molesting children and those who knew of this and sheltered them are not facing criminal charges? A felony is a felony. Why are they exempt?
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Why do crushes have to demand so much of one's emotions???? It's like, even when you don't want them there, there is this person...who is continually in your thoughts. And 9 times out of 10 they don't know you exist! Why do crushes have to make you feel like a 5th grader, unable to control the heart flutters, the nerves, etc?
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Is it worth becoming a paid user?

I just asked this in my journal, since I'm trying to figure out if I should become a paid user or not. The main problem is that right now I have two homepages, and I want to combine them. Paying allows me to do that by embedding my journal in my regular homepage (which is over here).

On the other hand, its a pretty frivolous thing to spend money on, and being a University student I don't have a lot of money to spend on frivolous things.

So is this one worth it?

ps - I've written up a much longer version of this in my journal, which explains the issues in more detail. If you feel like reading, thats the place to look. :)
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Really POd

Yes, I'm breaking the rules because I'm not asking a real question in this one... but you all have to take a look at this. This article is from the Houston Chronicle, and has me madder then hell. I can't believe what went on down ther this past weekend.

Actaully I will ask a question... In light of this article, and a number of other events that I've heard about, do you think law enforcement is going too far? Not far enough? Whats the stopping point? Granted it's all case by case, but still...

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does anybody know about any good loan companies? or scholarship companies?

i need to be able to pay for school next year,
and im have major trouble...

if any of you could help, it would be so appreciated...
you have no idea
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are there websites where I can DL cursor sets? Nto themed ones, just like some different arrows with matching everythign else.
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