August 16th, 2002


Ok, so I have no friends. So, what?!?! I wouldn't be bothered if it weren't my 21st birthday. I have a handfull of friends, a pocket full of money and nothing to do. I have plans for the morning, which I hate, but after 5, I'm free. Any suggestions?

(no, "drink yourself into a coma" is not a valid suggestion. I already plan to do that.)
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I have a friend who's just broken up with her boyfriend/fiance whatever the hell he was...
anyway, she called me for the first time in a couple of months the other day crying her eyes out because they'd just broken up... She always calls me if she needs something, I couldn't tell you the last time she asked me how I was ...

anyway, my question is - Should I call her back sometime to see how she is ?
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Should I try to watch Lord of the Rings all the way through now that's it out on video/dvd? I mean we walked out of the theater when it had just come out because (it turns out) I was bored.