August 14th, 2002



Where do you get your LJ friends from?

x/ Real life?
x/ online games?
x/ LJ communities?
x/ IMs?
x/ Posting pics in pic communities?
x/ They come from "that place"?
Ryou [Miko-chan!]
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(no subject)

Alright all you smart American people, what temperature does water boil at? I know it boils at 100 Celsius because they made us learn that in school a while ago, but what about Farenheit?
It's All Good
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Silly question...

Blockquoth the poster:

Can I smell your gasoline
Can I pet your wolverine
On the day my best friend died
I could not get my copper clean
-- This is the Place - Red Hot Chili Peppers

So, yeah.. most of the lyrics from this (beware, annoying popups) song don't make much sense, but this particular verse strikes me as particularily weird. Why would he want to pet someone else's wolverine? Isn't he worried about getting bitten?

So, is there any meaning to this song that I'm just too dense to see, or does that guy from RHCP have a thing for wolverines?
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(no subject)

Why add someone to your friends list if you're not going to read their entries and get to know them? What's the point???

I hate it when people add me to their list and take me back off. If I add you and you don't wanna add me back, fine. No biggie. But don't add me and take me back off. It's annoying.

Does this bother anyone else???
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green - creative___mess

HTML Editors

Okay, I do a lot of web design, but I have a problem. I design on a Mac, and it looks great on my Mac. My friends who use IBMs then look at my designs and they're all screwed up...

So my question is this-- What's the best WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML editor out there? I'm considering Dreamweaver as my father can get it for me at half price, but that's still around $220. Are there any web designers or site maintainers that can point me in the right direction?
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