August 13th, 2002

Him/her stuff.

What if you and a friend of yours have your eye on the same girl/guy and you feel that you may possibly be the better pick for him/her. Your friend doesn't know how you feel but they keep mentioning how fine he/she is and how awesome he/she looks and you know for the friend, it's just one of his/her typical lust trips but you think you might actually be feeling some chemistry. What do you do?
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i'm going skydiving with my girlfriend this weekend, it's a birthday present for her.
i told my parents that i wanted to go a few months ago, but we had a bunch of family problems at the time and my mother almost begged me not to go because of her fear for me, et cetera.

i'm going this weekend no matter what.. what i'm not sure about is whether i should tell my parents that i'm going, just to be truthful about it, or whether i should tell them that i'm just going to hang out with friends for the day (which is true, anyway).
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I have 2 questions:
1. Considering that the speed of light may or may not be constant as per the guys in New South Wales study, how will this REALLY effect how we think about the universe in practical terms?


2. Last year about this time I vaguely remember some model/dancer guy saying he had a video of he and Tom Cruise having sex with him, as a result Tom Cruise was suing him for libel, what was the outcome of this case?

Thanks for your attention. Cheers, Nemo


Can anyone explain what financing means? I went to get a bedroom suite today--my father did, and he mentioned something about financing. I'm too embarassed to ask my dad. Pathetic for a 20 yr old, I know.
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Do people actually derive joy out of using other people? I have a friend who asked me to make him VHS copies of my Bakuretsu Hunters DVDs in exchange for some of copies of his anime. I felt a little bad about it, but I figured it was a fair trade, since we'd be over at each other's houses watching them anyway if we lived near one another. I bought the tapes with my own money, and sat and recorded the DVDs. No sooner had I packaged them up and sent them off, he comes up with some stupid excuse that he can't make the copies for me. It had something to do with money, I guess. So I told him I'd be content with a letter in return. Suffice to say I've yet to receive said letter.
NOW he's asking me to burn him a copy of a new game set I got. Not only can't I as I have no CD burner, I wouldn't. I'm sick of being used as a source of piracy for him. It'd be one thing if he was willing to share things, but he's so greedy he doesn't give a flip about hurting my feelings or inconveniencing me.

What is UP with people like that?!
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What do they want to achieve, an alarm bell that someone has just gone to the loo in the middle of the night?

Even the Japanese fixed that, somewhat.
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