August 10th, 2002

  • nageki

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I just downloaded a program called Argus to set up my own webcam online. However, I'm not able to make it work. Is there someone who feels like explaining ? or is there any other FREEWARE and good/easy program that I can use to do the same thing ? I followed the instructions but my snapshot won't update T_T
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Why do so many people in these different communities have to be so frillin' rude when it comes to comments and things? I just makes me want to drop all communities from my list sometimes.
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I need to go to the grocery store and find something to take to the picnic.


Any suggestions on what I should take to the picnic??

And oh yeah, we now have 101 members. Keep telling your friends... we want this place to grow. I don't know who's been advertising to get us growing fast again, but whoever you are THANK YOU!! We've gotten like 20 new members in the last few days alone. ^_^

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Hi there!

I was just watching television and I wondered..

Do the hosts of those food shows where they go around to all these different places and try food actually finish their food? Where does the food go? You always only see them taking a little bite of it.. hmm.