August 6th, 2002

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hehehe lunch break!!

How many people do you have on your friends list?

How many people have you on their friends list?

How many communities are you in?

Do you have your "friend of" list hidden?

If so, why?

hehehe, that's all. *is bored*
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It's All Good

So, yeah...

I occasionally read websites at work, usually during lunch, or when I'm running an automated test or a test plan that has long periods of time where I do nothing (waiting for a value to change, uploading/downloading a controller, etc.) I usually read news/information sites like /. (at +5, of course), The Register, and other similar geek-ish news and information sites.

I'm usually able to be able to read through most of the interesting articles in a short time, which leaves me sitting there bored, without anything new to read. My questions is: Do any of you guys know of any good (work-friendly) sites? I prefer sites that are news/information/discussion-oriented, such as Salon and sites that appeal to geeks and other members of the technology sector, such as The Register.
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Someone *please* tell me. ..when I try to load a page and the page won't load cause it's not available (which happens alot with LJ) why, oh why does the page close? Is tehre some stupid setting that I accidentally hit that is making this happen? I hate to have to go open the page again!
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I watch Law and Order alot. What is the difference between

  1. 1. Capital Murder
    2. Murder One
    3. Homicide
    4. First Degree Murder
    5. Second Degree Murder

Thanks. It will help me to understand when I am watching the show.
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