July 27th, 2002


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So I'm a member of all these communities. Car type communities. I love cars. You see, this journal is used by two people. Me and my husband. I do most of the posting. I'm the female part.

I love cars. I'm obsessed with cars. But I know nothing about them. I just know that they are beautiful, and, well, honestly, they turn me on. I'm an acceleration junkie. I like the Subarus specifically. I'm a nut for AWD. The WRX is just dreamy. I mean, when I see one in traffic I practically leave a wet spot. Street racing cars, with the ground effects and huge wings,.... Oh God I love those!! They drive me crazy.

So I made us join all these communities, and I don't understand most of what they say. I want to post but I'm afraid of seeming stupid. I'm a superficial car lover and I know it. Do true car lovers hate people like me? I think so. I don't even comprehend torque.

But god I love those cars! I especially love the pictures and stories of street racing. It just gets me so excited. My dilemma is that I don't know if I should say anything or not. Do you love cars? If so, would someone like me blabbering on about how hot that hood looks annoy you?
It's All Good

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Why do some people use Cascading Style Sheets to change the mouse cursors on their LJ styles? For example, changing the pointer to a crosshair, and having a resize cursor instead of the "hand" cursor on hyperlinks.
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