July 24th, 2002

how funky is your chicken?


What are addamommies?

I'm not even sure I spelled it correctly; I'm going mostly phonetic. I heard of this on Food Network, so I think its something food related. Herb, perhaps?

And yes, I feel like a moron.
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Are you on a diet? What kind are you on?

I'm on a no salt, low starch, medium protein & high vegetable diet. I've lost 30 lbs so far.

I'm also looking for a good bathroom scale. Suggestions?
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Two Fishy Questions....

I recently drained, moved and refilled my 40 gallon tank. Every fish survived, of which I am greatful (since my tank went through ick and some other problems). To celebrate I bought a half dozen plants, a betta, and 2 dwarf frogs. I threw them all in (not literally), saw the frogs a few times, and the beta is lurking in the broad leaves. Now my question is this, to those who know aquariums and such - I have not seen the frogs at all in a day and a half, I searched the tank, nothing. My one rainbow shark looks a bit big in the gut. Does anyone know if these sharks eat frogs? If you don't know - do you think the shark at the frogs anyway?

The shark is about 4-5" long, the frogs were fairly small, about an 1-2". The store associate told me I should not have any problems with the fish and frogs, but who knows. Since I lost the angel fish, the watersnake, the catfish, and a bala shark, and a few neons, I am also thinking of putting some new fish in. Anyone have any ideas on what fish I should add?

Oh, just incase you want to know before you answer, I have
4 danios
2 rainbow sharks
2 golden Gouramis
5 neons
1 bala shark
2 Plecostomus
1 Betta
Hopefulyl still 2 frogs.


Ok, a friend told me about this, but Im not sure if she got the story mixed up or not. Has anyone heard about the Jello things (they look like popscicles but there is jello inside) being recalled due to several deaths of children? I was just curious if she was bullcrappin or not :)