July 23rd, 2002

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New To The Club

Greetings all! As the subject says, I'm new here. Saw this in the community listing, and poked around the previous messages a bit... seems like a fun little place to kick back, ask some questions, and chit chat a bit.

The rule say that every post has to have a question, but silly me is pulling a blank on anything really good to ask about right now, so I'll just go for something kind of generic...

It seems that there is a lot of real crap on TV these days... tons of sitcoms and soap operas and other stuff... some of it is good, and some of it I really wonder how in the world it made it on the air. Of course, what one person likes someone else will dislike, so it's all purely based on opinion... but what shows do you consider to be "quality TV" these days? I always enjoy sitting down and watching reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation myself, as well as CSI.

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gregory peck

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What is humanity's driving force, its one desire, its necessity? Is it love? Knowledge? Enhancement? Or none of the above? Is it something attainable? Or a figment of imagination?
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Ok, So im sitting here today, going back and forth through emails with my friend. She's a moron, but thats beside the point. She kept changing her story around, who knows why though. Anyone understand why some people do that? Say one thing, but mean another, or just say one thing and turn it all around, like its your fault?

It's gross but...

What causes what I call "sandal stink"?

Why can you wear shoes for years, and they never small as bad as sandals you have worn for a month?

At least with shoes, the smell stays in the shoe. With sandals, your feet reek when you take them off.

Just thought I'd ask... why?
  • kalei

Ok here's my first question

Have you ever been sitting at the computer, wanting to do at least 10 different things at once, but not being able to pick any single thing?

I feel that way at least 30-40% of the time when I'm at my desk, and it's VERY aggravating. I end up nibbling at little bits of everything I want to get done.

This behavior also manifests itself in the fact that there are at least 20 different games that I enjoy playing on my PC and want to finish (or at least play for more than an hour), but can't seem to decide on which to play at any given time. It's hard to match a game to a particular mood, I guess.

So I suppose another question should be: am I nuts, or are there other people like me out there? hehe.