July 21st, 2002

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Can a gay guy be homophobic ?

I'm just wondering because I was talking to a friend about me not liking queenie guys - the ones who act all girlie like...and she told me I was homophobic...Its not like I despise them and I want them off the planet or anything - I just don't really like them.....personal preference...
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OK -- everyone knows how caffeine is a diuretic, right? (A diurectic is a substance/drug that increases the discharge of urine according to dictionary.com).

So, say you were in the middle of the desert and needed to drink and all you had was say, a heavily caffeinated beverage (coffee, tea, soda). Would it be more beneficial to drink nothing than to drink the caffeinated drink?
how funky is your chicken?

Does anyone else find that when....

someone starts their post by putting part of it as the subject, it confuses the crap out of you? *LOL*

I've had people do that often, and I start reading the post, assuming they've forgotten part. It doesn't annoy me, really, it just makes me take pause and reconsider what's being said.

In my mind, a subject is a word or string of words that describes or sums up the post, or gives a general idea of what will be included.

Am I all aloooone over here?


Hi, everyone ^.^ I'm new here. This seems like a lovely place.

Has anyone ever had dreams where they kill someone in a really odd way like by kissing them? Very strange indeed.

Inside Jokes

Do you have inside jokes with your friends? Odds are, yes. Most people do.

But do you have inside jokes with your online friends? I have two online friends that I get into an AIM chat room with just about every night at least once (they're both in this community... hehe.) and we have some really insane inside jokes about cheese and posting in LJ's and stuff. It's hysterical and I'm in stitches everytime someone says something about it. But it's different b/c I don't know them IRL. Does anyone else have this??
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Look at me! I'm a loser! ^^;

I'll be 20 years old in about five weeks, and I've never been kissed.

Actually, I've never done... anything. Gone on a date, gone to a dance with someone, held hands, nadda. All my friends discovered the world of dating a while ago, and I'm left behind. I feel like I have... cooties, or something. o____o

So my question(s) is (are): Am I a rare bird here? Anyone else in or have been in this situation? Is there any hope for me? o.o;;;
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We hit 50 members today. And I'm so happy to see everyone nicely discussing the questions asked. And I'm happy to see the variety of questions asked. And I bought a new bottle of Bacos b/c I ate my other ones. Heh. All that Bacos talk made me hungry.

But SERIOUSLY... here's my question... and it's one that's always bugged me and I'm sure there's no clear answer...

But... why do people hate? I mean... all the problems in the world today... I don't understand why we can't just accept each other and get along. Can you imagine what would happen if people did? Everyone would work together. There'd be no hunger, no homelessness, no war, etc etc etc. Anyway, just a thought.

And thank you to everyone who's joined. I hope you're all having fun so far. Can you believe this community has only been up 2 days? I know I'm having fun.

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Yay me, I am new here.

So here I am, I like the premise of this club.
My question, that I was actually mulling over while doing the laundry today, it is not aimed towards anyone in particular, nor am I knocking people's choices, is this:

Since when did being on psychotropic, anti-depressant, anti-psychotic type medications become a badge of honor, or something to be proud of?

To see people discuss that they are on Zoloft or Prozac like they are taking candy makes me sad, and makes me wonder at today's psychotherapy. I have a friend who is being forced to take anti-depressants because she lives at home and her family will kick her out otherwise, their rationale is, "Your mother and I take Wellbutrin (sorry I never have taken meds so sp is new to me on these), you should be on something too". Or something like that.

I remember when it was a hush hush thing to be on medication or even see what was then called a "shrink".
I think to each his own, but I fear that some people, especially children, are being forced on meds to make them better "cubicle workers". I personally would never take these mind altering drugs, but maybe that is because I studied brain physiology and psychology until I realized that could never be a field for me. I mean, all of our memories are merely chemicals, and introducing chemicals into the brain changes our perceptions, changes who we are and who we think we are, and our memories.
I am not totally without my problems too, but I think with discussion and time most things can be solved, with the exception of schizos, psychotics, etc., who really are in need of meds. But someone afraid to give a presentation really does not need a dose of valium, just some mind over matter.