July 20th, 2002

Post it, and they shall come

Just wanted to let you know that I posted about this community on my personal LJ. Hopefully some of my friends will check it out.

Ok, I know the rules.. All posts have to include a question..

Umm.... Ok.. Here is a good one.. What was the gutsiest thing you have ever done?

Me? I told my mother I was moving to California in two weeks. She said, "right, sure you are.." Two weeks later I was on a plane, one way, to San Francisco. I had $500. in my pocket and nowhere to live. That was over three years ago. From nothing, I have made a pretty good life for myself. Pretty damn gutsy if you ask me!

Ok, your turn..
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(no subject)

Does anyone find Bacos out of the bottle tasty? Like, not on salad or anything... just eat them? They're addicting. OK, that was a strange question.
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(no subject)

OK, I just wanted to say something quick before I head to bed... I'm really glad you all decided to come join our community. If you have any questions or comments or suggestions, whatever feel free to talk to me... and I'm sure radiantaeryn feels the same way.

We still have plenty of room for more interests. Any more suggestions?

And feel free to tell your friends about this community. I can't get over how many people joined just tonight and how many posts/comments we've had tonight... even now as it's getting late. Have fun!!

G'night all!
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Thank you and kudos to shippo

Because Shippo-san is such a nice guy he has donated his Bacos icon to the community. Please check out the user info to see the Bacos icon. (OK I'm going to bed for real... if I can ever get Abra and Shippo to stop tormenting me for being weak).

Is everyone having fun? (there it's a question)


I added the three "Bacos posts" to the memories so people know where it's from.
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Let's see here.

Hi, I'm new. :]
My question is this: What is a good cure for acute insomnia? I'm usually a really good sleeper, but sometimes I have really bad nights (like last night) where I do not sleep, period. No matter what I seem to do I can't make myself go to sleep!!

Please pardon any typos or weird phrasings I've overlooked, I'm screwing up almost every word over five letters at least once. The product of twenty-four hours of no rest. :[
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how funky is your chicken?

(no subject)

So, ladygeekster and I got irritated by the same thing.

We made this community, because of it.

In discussing the community and how to run it and the style and what not, we discovered we had A LOT in common.

Have you ever had a situation where you were either thrown into it with someone else and became instant friends or where you met someone and just suddenly clicked with them?
It's All Good

Bac-os revisitied... sorry, this'll be the last time :)

When I searching for an image of Bac-os on Google, I found out a useless fact or two about Bac-os. Did you know that Bac-os are apparently a Kosher food, because :: snicker :: they're not really bacon? Here's a useless Usenet post somewhat related to Bac-os, and a review of Bac-os by the same author, Kibo himself.

So, have you guys found any interesting or useless information on the Internet? I'm sure you have. Or, alternatively, do you guys know any useless trivia or useless facts?
self conscious skunk

a movie question...

Whats a movie sequel, or ...the third one ;) thats better than the first one ?

I enjoyed Scream 2 a heck of alot better than Scream... maybe that was just me though

And, whats the name for a third film ? like the second is called a sequel, is there a word for the third one ?

I actually have a semi-serious question

OK, here's the thing. I have eczema on my legs.... it's a pain. And every time I get it to smooth out and not be hideous looking it starts itching REALLY bad again - and putting my medicine and my anti-itch lotion on doesn't help. The only thing I can do is take Benadryl and that puts me to sleep and sometimes I STILL wake up clawing at my legs. And of course, the scratching makes it get really bad again causing me never to be able to get it to go away. It's 90-100 degrees out here EVERY day and I can't wear shorts b/c people stare at my legs. Any suggestions? The dermatologist has tunred out to be worthless except to give me a prescription cream... which only helps a little. The over-the-counter stuff helps more... but still not enough. I use Sarna for the itching... and then Cetaphil and Vanicream for moisturizing....
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