Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in thequestionclub,

Which one?

So..I figured out what my husband is planning on getting me for my is a digital camera. The doof was silly enough to look at them on my computer and he didn't delete the history.

So...which one is better?

Cannon Power Shot


Kodak Easy Share

And another unrelated question..

The sump pump went out in my basement today. So...I had a nice little flood. Thankfully nothing was ruined.

What's something crappy that's happened to you lately?

Edit: Links should work now.

Another Edit: I just checked my e-mail and I thought about adding this.

For those of you who use freecycle, when offering an item, have you had people pretty much demand that you give whatever you are offering to them? Or people who "assume" you haven't had any responses so they just assume that the item will go to them? Do they keep bugging you after you've posted that the item is gone?
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