Dayna (zsolarstar) wrote in thequestionclub,

GRE & One Night Stands

I took the GRE a few weeks ago. When I was done with the exam, it let me select schools from their database to send my scores to. Along with the schools, it let you pick a department. However, I guess they were outdated because "Physician Assistant" wasn't listed on any of them. (It was a generic list ranging from Engineering, Environmental Sciences, etc.) But when you go to schools' websites, it says "enter code XXXX" to send your scores there. There was nothing like this on my GRE database.

I ended up just sending my scores to the school, in the "general" category. So my scores were sent to the school. From this point, is it possible to have the school forward it to the appropriate department? Or am I out of luck and need to pay to have them sent specifically to one department?


Oh, and bonus: I heard that the song "Here's To The Night" by Eve 6 is about a one-night stand. Is this true?
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