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This is all one mess that seems complicated in my mind, that's why I need a outside perspectives. So thank you before hand and well if no comments thanks for reading. So basically I'm 19 and in my first year of uni, studying French and English Lit, oh and I'm a muslim, if your questioning why that is reviliant to this keep reading. It's a unsaid rule within my family and a religious one that females do not mix freely with males. Well in way back in Septemeber there was this guy who goes to the classes I attened, so naturally when I occassionally caught him looking at me during a lecture I thought it was just some sort of weird acknowledgement that he was trying to do or something along thoes lines. 

We've never talked at all until like a month or so back. It all started with this guy on the train being a total arse muttering on about how "we" was taking over his country yadayada and so forth. So I ignored him except until he decided to kind of half strangle me with my headwrap. And then the guy from my class came from nowhere and got him off me which was sort of nice. lol! well that's an understatement, so we got off the same stop and he was suprised that I hadn't started to cry or something, which i was too shocked to do, and  insisted to come report to the police station with me. Soon our way back we had a long convo about literature & stuff and said the weirdist thing which was "hadn't expected" me to being how I am. 

So the next day when I went in I was slightly worse for wear and it was assuring to know that someone knew no matter how humilating it was. So when our professor insisted that we all group up and do a essay on which book should be a modern classic, I was kind sitting on my own while people where mingeling. I wasn't even bothered until my silly proffessor booms "we have a single over here" causing me to want to dig my own grave.Much like everyone else I was suprised when the guy came and sat down next to me. I was mortified when I realised that I didn't know his name. well to wrap it up found out his name (Noah) and found we have alot in common.  Since then we've always had lunch together and his friends seem alittle baffled about it all. This chick asked me the other day if we where dating to my suprise, she said because we were "always sitting and murmuring to one another looking as if there was no one else there" I was just like right...

Last week we were sitting a park and we where chatting about Damien Rice Vs Ray Lamontagne and then talked lead to beards. Noah is growining one and he said he would shave it off. I don't know why I said it but I said he shouldn't because it makes him more handsome. which caused this tense moment of him looking at me and he commented how a curl of my hair was popping out the top of my headwrap and he leaned over and fixed it. And there is this thing that we bump shoulders , brush hands and he leans in to tell me something or just to hear me. I'm one of thoes people who over analyses things and then makes a totally mess of it. So I tried not to do it. kindof. I'm sure I'm not sending out vibes of any such kind and he knows about the unsaid rule. And then it all came to today, and we where having coffee with some friends and I said I had to go home early so he walked me home. and I was just about to turn and go when he turned me around and was about to lean in when I kind of stepped back and kind of left. 

I'm confused about what I should do. I want to stick to my morals and such....oh...maybe I'm making something out of nothing?
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