Captain America (listenlouder) wrote in thequestionclub,
Captain America

American Idol time!

1. i used to hate AI, but now i'm strangely addicted to it, despite only watching it this season. why is that? what the hell is so intriguing about watching people sing?

2. this season: favorites? least favorites? people that got kicked off that shouldn't have? vice versa?

3. fave past season and fave contestant? did you buy their album if they had one?

4. what is your opinion on the whole Sanjaya thing? are you surprised that Chris was in the bottom 3 instead of Sanjaya this week?

5. is Ryan Seacrest gay?

1. i have no idea. it might have something to do with the awesome mentors, and wanting to know what Simon thinks each night.

2. fave: Melinda, least fave: Sanjaya (it was Haley but she's out now), i thought Sabrina should have stayed instead of Haley when it was the top 12, and Sundance should have stayed instead of whoever stayed (it might have been Sanjaya actually...)

3. i haven't watched any other seasons, but YouTube=god, and through watching various auditions, i would have voted for Justin, Clay, and Chris Daughtry on their respective seasons. i did get Daughtry's album, as well as Elliot Yamin, i love him too.

4. i respect Sanjaya because he knows what's going on, and he's still having a good time, even though he is clearly being outsung by the other contestants. i was very surprised when he wasn't in the bottom 3, i think he was too. i hope he doesn't win, but i admire his strength considering the media's comments and all.

5. i hope not, because he's kinda cute, but after watching a few YouTube videos that suggest he is, i'm not entirely convinced he's straight.

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