. (dicktracie) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. I was feeling like ass yesterday so I stayed in bed/slept until 10pm. I'm wide awake and it's 6:30am. I have a baby shower at 1pm. Should I try to sleep before it or just stay up all day?

2. Tell me an embarrassing story that happened to you!

I was at 6 Flags last summer and I went on this water slide. It was pretty much the scariest and thrilling thing ever. When I got off the raft in front of the long line of people my bikini bottoms weren't all of the way on me anymore. I mooned probably about 100 people. I was in a funk the rest of the day and wanted to go home. We had like 8 hours left before the park closed and my family wasn't leaving over people seeing my booty.

3. Is anyone else doing the 100 movies in 2007 meme? If so, how many have you watched so far?
I've watched 74. I'm a movie freak.

4. Do you have any foods you used to hate when you were a kid but you love now? What about foods that you loved as a kid and hate now?
I used to love any flavors of crush and root beer when I was a kid. I drank so much of it one summer I haven't drank any of it since. It disgusts me now.
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