phileesha (andregret) wrote in thequestionclub,

art majors

Anyone here majoring in art?

Here’s my dilemma: I really like art and I really enjoy doing it. I want to try and minor in art for now and see how that goes.

My issue is that I barely have any art experience. I took one year of beginning art in high school and that’s pretty much it. (high school barely teaches you anything so it’s not much)

I’m afraid of failure and I’m worried that art is something you either have to be naturally good at or else it’s not going to work out. I lack innate abilites since I don't even know how to paint, sculpt or shade :0(

So my questions are:
For art majors, how much experience did you have before you decided to pursue art as a major? Are you just naturally talented? Took art classes in high school? etc?

Do you think it’s possible for someone with very little experience to major in art? Do you think a person can actually LEARN to be artistic?
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