Meg (slaneyder) wrote in thequestionclub,

Let's try that one again...

Somehow, one (or possibly all three), of our cats has caught fleas. Don't ask me how; they're all indoor kitties, and they haven't set so much as a whisker outdoors since they entered the house to begin with.

So I bought the lot of them flea collars. The two boys couldn't care less. They're both begging for my boyfriend's ham right now. But the girl, Lucy, keeps licking hers. Now, I'm no vet, but I find it troubling that my precious baby girl is ingesting toxic insecticide.

So my question is this: considering my cat is too stupid to wear a flea collar, what can I do to convince her to stop eating it? Either that, or what kind of alternatives are out there for a cat with a collar-fettish?
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