thenablessed (thenablessed) wrote in thequestionclub,

I recently found out who my roommate for next year is going to be.  She's really nice, and I already knew her, but we're not really friends.  I'm one of those people who talks a lot and says very little--she just very rarely talks.  We've been hanging out lately, and there are a lot of loooooooooong silences.  These make me uncomfortable, but I don't want to monopolize the conversation, and we have almost nothing in common.  So after we get past the "So how're you?  Fine.  What've you been up to?  Nothing much" part of the conversation, there's nothing to say.  She generally gives one or two word answers and then just gets really quiet again.  We've already done the whole age/major/home conversations.  Also--and I have no idea whether or not this has any bearing on the situation--she may be mildly retarded (for lack of a better word).  And I do mean mildly.  I've met autistic kids, and I don't think she's anywhere on the spectrum, it just seems like every once in a while a couple of neurons don't do what they're supposed to.  So my question is this:

Can you suggest some neutral/broad topics that I might be able to use to get her to actually talk?  I feel like I'm treating her like she's stupid, and I don't want to, because she's not, but I don't want to throw something at her that makes her feel stupid, either.  Any ideas?
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