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No present = no cake, sry 2 say

My 16th birthday was March 19th and I didn't have a party or even let anyone acknowledge I'd gotten older- my question is this:

Is it still cool for me to have a Sweet 16 in June, or even in the Summer? Is it too late? Are people gonna be all "wtf @ her" as in "Why does she suddenly want to have a party when she was all unhappy on her birthday?"

And when inviting people should I stick to just people I know or also go with people my friends know and like to party with that I don't not like? I feel like I should invite them just because they're at every party I attend but at the same time I don't know them!

What should I do about old friends that I want to invite but I don't know how they'll mesh with the rest of my friends? I'm afraid they'll just be bored and have no one to talk to. My friends aren't minglers.

Do you want to come to my party?

Edit: removed question about gmail. nvm!
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