Melanie (jadorelefromage) wrote in thequestionclub,

mold = gross :(

i have this cool plastic tupperware container with a screw on lid. i took it to work with yogurt in it. i ate the yogurt, but did not rinse it out. meant to do so when i got home. threw it in the sink, forgot about it for a couple of days. last night when doing dishes, i opened it up, and there was a bit of fuzzy green mold growing in there that smelled absolutely ghastly. i almost threw up it smelled so bad. but, i held my breath and washed it out REALLY good. this morning, i went to put something else in it, but smelled it first. it still STINKS REALLY REALLY BAD. its gross. before i throw it out, is there some way to get rid of the disgusting mold smell?? should i soak it in bleach or something?? baking soda?? any ideas?? thanks
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