Sabrina (mylittlepeony) wrote in thequestionclub,

1a. Do you tend to listen to different music on your mp3 player than you do on the radio? I listen to the same kind of music on my mp3 player as I do the radio, but there are a lot of songs that I like listening to in my car that I always skip over when they start playing on my mp3 player.

1b. If so, does your music choice depend on what you're doing or where you are? Most of the time I like listening to louder, faster songs in the morning as I wait for the bus. After work I tend to listen to the slower, quieter ones.

2. I'm burning up and these nylons are making my shins itch like crazy. Anyone else feel bizarrely uncomfortable today?

3. I can never seem to wake up feeling fully-rested. It has come to the point where I wake up ten minutes before I have to leave for work, so I do my hair/makeup when I get there, and throw the ingredients for lunch in my lunch bag rather than putting a sandwich together etc. I've tried everything I can think of - getting more hours of sleep, getting fewer hours of sleep, eating before bed, not eating before bed, sex, masturbation, sleeping pills, exercising right before bed, not exercising right before bed - nothing has helped me wake up feeling rested. Do you have this problem/have you had this problem? Do you have any serious tips that could possibly help me, or should I talk to my doctor?

4. Which is worse - driving behind a car going 10+ mph under the speed limit, or having a car on your ass that wants you to go faster? IMO, driving behind a car going 10+ mph under the speed limit.

5. How is your day going? Are you looking forward to anything even slightly out-of-the-ordinary this week? It's going alright. Today is my short day at work, so Tuesdays are always pretty good. This week I'm looking forward to my wireless card arriving, and my boyfriend finally getting his motor put in his new truck so I don't have to keep driving everywhere!
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