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I really need some assistance here...

I am going to start renting a house from this guy. But I haven't given him any money (and he won't take it) because he hasn't gotten the key from the last tenant yet.

My question is; it's been almost a week (since about Tuesday last week the old tenant has moved out.) and he still doesn't have the key.

Now, before I offer up my question PLEASE keep something in mind. I am not exactly the most well spoken person in the world. I tend to bite off more than I can chew. I have ADHD *big surprise I'm sure* and I have a tendency to say exactly what I am thinking, but it not always in the most constructive way. I need HELP with this like yall would NOT believe.


Now for the question (sorry about that): How do I tell him that I am willing by BUY new locks for the house, because, while I do not want to call into the question this person's moral fiber, he has had the keys for an inordinate amount of time after he has moved out and I worry that he may have made copies... or if there are copies, who has them? I am a young woman, who will be living on my own and these are the things that I am thinking of when he tells me that 3-4-5 days later, he still hasn't gotten the keys back.

::takes deep breath::

I need something that sounds calm, cool, collected and most importantly rational, and not spastic (which is how it would sound if I were to pen it myself, because, I have a tendency to come off a bit... I would say STRONG, if it weren't for the fact that that would be this years biggest understatement.).

Thank yall ever so muchly..

oh and 2nd question: are the banks and post offices closed today??
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