Michael (lordfeldo) wrote in thequestionclub,

What to get a saffer?

I'm going to South Africa (Capetown) this summer, am going to school in Pittsburgh, and will be going home to Brooklyn for a little bit before I leave.

I'm staying at a friend's house in Cape Town, and I want to get him some sort of present.
I'd like to get him something he couldn't get easily there, and would rather not get him video games (not because of price, but just because he has an import place).

He's on the creative end of advertising, so anything pretty would be cool.
I'm mostly trying to brainstorm things which are exclusive to America or exclusive to Brooklyn, especially if they are difficult to buy online. I'm probably going to bring twinkies, maybe cheez-wiz, but actually cool things would be nice too.

If there are other details I should include, tell me and I will.

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