Don't take it so bad (heysweetannie) wrote in thequestionclub,
Don't take it so bad

SO I am not 21 yet and in Wisconsin you need a liquor license to bartend if you're between the ages of 18 and 21 (I don't know about other states).
Its something like a 3 hour class, and I'm thinking about bartending when I move across the state in June- but I don't want to pay to get it if I'm not sure about working as a bartender yet.
Will a bar hire me and train me if I don't have my liquor license yet? Its a very short class, so its not like I couldn't just take it online right when I get hired-- but am I more likely to be hired if I have it first? Even if I do get it, its not like I have any experience.
ETA: Have you ever bartended? What's it like? Did you enjoy it? Was it like a college bar, or a classier joint?
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