annabella (matchbox360) wrote in thequestionclub,

Are fat black girls more attractive than fat white girls?

The reason I ask this is because whilst out having a drink last night, I overheard a conversation between two young lads who seemed to think so. It went something like this:

"Yeah, I totally did her even though she was, like, a complete heffer."
"So why'd you do her then?"
"Well she was black innit so it's alright. It's the white fat chicks that I wouldn't touch."
"Oh yeah I get you now."

Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder whether you like fat, thin, black, white or whatever, I just thought this was strange as they were both white so it didn't seem like a racial issue so much. Curiosity killed the cat, which is why I didn't ask them about it :(
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