just laur (echafaud) wrote in thequestionclub,
just laur

lost question

i have a question about the lost episode before last

OK, so the episode where it's the story about the two random people, the hot guy from love actually and the woman whose name i don't know-

i didn't see this episode, but my friend said it was lame and i didn't need to bother watching it (i'm in the uk and have missed the past 3 episodes, the one shown in the states this past week is on tonight). i've watched the claire episode and i'm going to be watching the next one shortly (locke, i think?) anyway, on to the question-

aside from the people's stories and the whole spider bite/buried alive thingy, was there any important plot development in this episode? i'm not going to have time to watch it before the new one tonight, so i just want to know if there's anything else that goes on in that one. thanks!

ps- if you would be so kind as to not post any spoilers for the episode i'll see tonight or future episodes, i'd be grateful, thanks :)
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