a_sailors_grave (a_sailors_grave) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. where's the cheapest place to buy a nintendo wii? preferably a bundle pack with the console, controllers, a game or 2, etc but.. whatever happens to be cheapest. i want one for my birthday and my parents agreed to get me one but they're grilling me to find the cheapest price, haha.

2. your friend copies everything you do. she wears the same type of clothes on the same days (sometimes even the same shirt), she buys the same hats/sunglasses/shoes that you do. she gets the same exact piercings you already have (except she said nothing about wanting them before you had them). you get a tattoo, she has to get a tattoo. you get a chest tattoo, she gets one. you get swallow tattoos, she wants one. your favorite style of tattooing is oldschool, and she previously hated it, but now loves it "so much". she used to hate rockabilly, psychobilly, and hardcore. once she heard you listening to it, she suddenly loved it. you like someone, she likes the same person. it doesn't stop there. your friend is obviously copying you so much so that your personalities seem identical, when you're two way different people. it's a huge problem, because you hate people who don't have their OWN personalities. how do you feel and what do you do about it? :\
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