when i scream there's no reply (pageless) wrote in thequestionclub,
when i scream there's no reply

Goooooooood morning/afternoon/evening, TQC!

1- What is the state of your hair currently?
2- Do you have hotkeys for your playlist so you can skip songs without touching your mouse?
3- Why do my dreams tease me into thinking it's later in the month than it really is?
4- What will you be up to in the next hour?
5- Have you ever gotten a compliment and been so surprised that you didn't know how to react, so you said nothing? What did you do after the fact, if anything?

1- Urgh. I'm waiting for a phonecall, then off to the shower. I dunno how it got so gross feeling in one night.
2- Yeah. I'll even press them while husband is in a game, since it doesn't affect him. :P
3- My subconscious hates meeee.
4- Waiting on that phonecall, shower, clothes, kicking husband awake. Good times. :)
5- Yes. Husband told me I looked cute and like I lost a lot of weight. I was so confused and just kinda nodded and left the house. I feel so dumb. :(
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