Babeebugg (babeebugg) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, my Mum has just moved in with me due to health reasons with her (our) 10yr old German Shepherd, Buster. I have a cat, Fonzi. Buster has a really loving nature. He's very friendly and happy and just wants cuddles and kisses. Fonzi's a little bit tempremental but they got on really well. Which was a surprise to us. But anyways, they are getting on well and the only issue we have is a bit of a pain...

I lived with Mum and Buster previosly. From the day we got Buster, till he was 5 or 6. I always have used the same words, same tone of voice when it comes to both Fonzi and Buster so now, when I go to speak to Fonzi or hold him etc, Buster gets jealous, barks and scares Fonzi away.  This is the only problem we have. What can I do about it? Buster is so used to me calling him 'baby' and 'darling' but I've always spoke to Fonzi the same way.

Any ideas to stop Buster getting so jealous?
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