Vice Captain of the Universe (sweeny_todd) wrote in thequestionclub,
Vice Captain of the Universe

Documentary, my dear Watson

I. have just been watching a documentary on race. What are your thoughts on race?

2. Have you ever seen a documentary which  has just made you stop and think? What was it about?

1. I have never really considered "race" as a concept, but this truly got me thinking. Although people are defined as a "race" this is a social and political construct. The DNA differences between <i>Everyone</i> are so small that there is likely to be more variation <i>within</i> a group than between groups. For example, in this class a person of Japanese heritage thought they would have the most genetic similarities to someone from a Japanese background, but from a global database had the most similarities with someone from the Balkans.

The way that historically, race was invented as a way to make people lesser, after that statement 'all men were created equal' someone had to come up with something that made other people lesser. Or not people at all. :-( It was.. a fascinating documentary, and I am still sifting through the information. As I said, "race" has never been a concept I have worked with, bit it is obviously a huge part of other peoples lives.

2. err yes. the doco I just saw is the most recent one to make me stop and think.

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