Candice with an I (supersyncspaz7) wrote in thequestionclub,
Candice with an I

ah, relationships are tricky.

You meet a person, and at first the two of you have a fairly friendly kind of relationship. You talk to each other on a semi-regular basis and these conversations are always great, and you enjoy being around each other. After a while, you realize that you're really attracted to this person.

There's a problem: this person is a bit of a player. They've been with multiple people, and they admit to this. You're not entirely sure that they'd ever consider you an option, but you do know that he/she seems to somewhat enjoy your company at least, and they might possibly be interested in you as well.

Would you rather become one of the many people that this person hooked up with, or would you rather be just the friend that he/she could never have in that way?
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