Sabrina (mylittlepeony) wrote in thequestionclub,

My brother is getting married in June. His fiance is having two bridal showers - one thrown by her side of the family, and one thrown by our side of the family.

Should I bring a gift to the bridal shower thrown by her side of the family?

Should I bring a gift to the bridal shower thrown by my side of the family?

I'm photographing the wedding, so I'm already spending a lot of money {edit: out of pocket, but will be compensated for} buying some equipment I don't yet have, so any gift recommendations would be appreciated!

Also, my boyfriend and I were driving down the road and there were a few cute little ducks pecking at the ground on the shoulder of the road. So I honked a couple times and hollered, "GET AWAY FROM THE ROAD, DUCKIES!!" I tend to do that whenever an animal is near the road. Is that weird? Have you ever hollered/honked at an animal approaching a busy road, in hopes that it'd turn around and not get smooshed?

What happened to the good Saturday morning TV shows, like The Bugs Bunny Show?

What Saturday morning TV shows do you remember watching as a wee one?
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