Speed_Draven_X (sdx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Video bloggers please help

My friend and I came up with an idea, and I reserved fatcarl.com , so I could start a website/video blog about my super-duper weight loss journey.

I want to youtube the videos, and get this baby rolling (mainly because I'm hovering at my current high weight waiting to get it started)

However, I've noticed a few things.

I purchased a Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000 ($50).
It records at 640x480, and has an internal microphone.

However, I notice that the films recorded jump a little, and that my voice is not in sync with my lips (so it gives it that chinese theatre dubbed effect, which isn't cool unless you intend it that way).

Can someone help me understand why this is? Should I get a better webcam, and if so, what specifically should I be looking for? Should I get an additional external microphone, or will a webcam-embedded microphone be sufficient? How do I keep the webcam from skipping?

Next question : What recommendations for free/cheap programs do you have for editing the video (say, to put text, fade outs, etc)???

Thanks for the help, I'm new to all this.
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