HEFNERSBUNNY is now (totheleft) wrote in thequestionclub,

happy caturday!

1. I wear eye makeup and lipgloss, but thats it. I don't wear foundation or bronzer or blush.
BUT I WANT TO START, or atleast have it around for when I"m feeling blotchy.
What's your favorite powder-y foundation? What's your favorite bronzer?

2. I've read every book in my house. Can you recommend a good funny one to me? Something smart, but still funny.. no historical fiction, preferably.

3. My husband has been AWESOME taking care of me, as I'm super wicked sick. What can I get him as a small token of appreciation? Sexual favors unfortunately aren't in the works as I feel like i'm DYING.

4. If you were going to go to ONE STORE ONLY to do all of your summer clothes shopping, where would you go?

5. I have a Teddy Ruxpin, and New Kids On The Block Sheets in my guest room. What random throwback things do you have??
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