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Dad sues over car damaged in chase

Basically his 19 year old daughter was high and stole mommies car to go to a friends house and to a club, she went 100 mph down the wrong way and police had to bump the car, kid was charged with 16 counts. insurance won't pay, daddy is suing now.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 04/06/07

When Cobb County police finally stopped an out-of-control driver after a high-speed chase through red lights and major intersections, they spotted a gun and feared the worst.

Sirens screamed as backup patrol cars rushed in, bumping the Lexus SUV to stop it on the I-75 south off-ramp to South Marietta Parkway. When the driver locked the car doors, police smashed the windows to get in.

The menacing motorist turned out to be 19-year-old private school graduate Jennifer Natbony, who was on drugs and hunkered down inside her mom's luxury car. The teen, lying near what was a pellet gun or air rifle, was arrested on 16 charges on Dec. 1, 2003. After pleading guilty to DUI and evading police, she received probation and community service.

Now her father, Michael Natbony of Marietta, wants his insurance company to foot the bill for the $12,612 in damage to the Lexus, according to a lawsuit filed by his attorney Robert S. Windholz. Trial in Fulton County State Court is tentatively scheduled for next week.

Attorney Steven J. Angles, who represents Progressive Casualty Insurance Co., claimed in court documents that the insurance company isn't responsible for "lawful damages"; in other words, for the pounding the car took when the cops rammed it. The Natbonys have declined to comment.

J.E. Van Alstine, the Cobb County officer who chased and ultimately stopped the Lexus, laughed that the girl's father would sue over an incident caused by her wild ways.

Alstine, now with another law enforcement agency, recalls how worried he had been that someone would get hurt before he could get the Lexus off the road.

He remembers that Jennifer Natbony had pushed the Lexus to speeds past 100 mph and turned off her lights during the 5 a.m. chase. And though there wasn't much traffic, she was speeding and going the wrong way on a one-way street when she passed Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, where there could have been a shift change or ambulance en route, the officer said.

"The chase was certainly worthy of something more than probation," Van Alstine said Thursday when he learned of Natbony's sentence. "I thought she did some time."

In a 2005 sworn statement to attorneys for both sides, Natbony, who had a history of drug possession, speeding tickets and wrecks, told her story:

She borrowed her mom's Lexus for a night of fun and headed out to a friend's house around midnight. After a while she hopped back in the Lexus to follow the others to a nightclub.

Van Alstine, on regular patrol, spotted the Lexus speeding in a 35 mph zone, headed west on Barrett Parkway near Prado Lane. The teen saw the cop, glanced at her speedometer — which read 61 mph — and panicked.

"All that I remember was that I didn't stop," she said in the sworn statement. "I knew if I got another speeding ticket, my dad was going to sell my car."

Jennifer Natbony said at the time she gave the statement that she was a psychology major at Sierra Nevada College, living in a dorm in Lake Tahoe. She was hazy on many details about the face-off with Cobb County police.

She remembered taking her mom's Lexus, but couldn't remember whether she had permission or why she didn't take her own car. She remembered going to meet friends, but couldn't remember the friends' names. She remembered doing drugs, but couldn't remember what drugs or how much. And she didn't remember most of the more-than-20-minute police chase.

The ordeal ended when Van Alstine tapped the Lexus' rear bumper on the left side to force the vehicle to spin out of control. A backup patrol car then struck the driver's side, and the Lexus finally came to a rest between another patrol car and a guardrail. The teen was not hurt, but the Lexus wasn't as lucky.

If the insurance company and the Natbonys can't reach a settlement, a Fulton County jury will have to decide who should pay for the damage.

What the hell is wrong with this man?
Shouldn't he be making his own daughter pay for her own fuckups?
Why isn't she in jail?
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