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baby we could rock the night alone

family and friends (and an abuse of the / key)

On Parenting
My friend was telling me about her cousin who locked his two-year-old in the bathroom so he could smoke. Reminded me of an old motion we had for debate once.

1. Assuming it's feasible (ie, there are funds, etc), do you think parenting should be licensed? Why? Why not?
1a. What criteria should be set? Who should decide these criteria?

2. What is the best a parent can do/hope for his/her child?

3. Was your parent's/s' parenting of you good or bad? Explain.

4. How much of yourself (ie, development as a person, personality, beliefs, etc) is directly attributable to how your parent/s raised you?

5. Assuming you want/have children, how would/do you parent your child/ren?

On Friends
Inspired by this post:
6. Did you ever have that one friend (in high school or college or at work, I'm sure there's one everywhere) whom no one liked, who hung out with your group regardless, impervious to the entire group's disdain of him/her?

7. What did your group eventually do to him/her? Keep tolerating them, dropped them, confronted them? Have you got any inspiring/funny/annoying stories to share about it?
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