j.c. (way_cool) wrote in thequestionclub,

Plz make decisions about my personal life for me, anonymous internet strangers.

What do you do about people you're only "friends" with out of obligation?
I know this guy that has social anxiety disorder and has a hard time trusting people but for some reason he likes me and I feel bad because he annoys me a lot, but i don't want his problems to get worse so I hang out with him a fair bit.
Is it selfish to not want to hang out with him anymore? I always feel really guilty when I bail, 'cause he's not a bad person really, just annoying, and he calls other people freaking out that I cancelled because I hate him or something.
Some other people we both know invite him out just so they can rip on him or get him to pay for stuff, and I think that's pretty fucked up.
If you were in this situation would you just block him/stop answering when he calls/stop replying to his messages, or just sacrifice yourself and continue to see him and play nice?
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