:) (tin_foil_hat) wrote in thequestionclub,

What excuse can I use to get an extension on an assignment that is due on Tuesday? (It's currently 8:30pm Saturday).

EDIT: Well, it is good to know there are people who procrastinate as much as I. I was starting to think the world had been totally infiltrated by weirdos who plan their work at least two weeks ahead.

If you're all so confident it can be done, which question should I do, & any ideas of what to write?

1B. Bullying is not uncommon in schools, workplaces, the military and prisons. Examine and explore the ‘Engage’ program as a means of preventing bullying and developing skills in non-violent conflict resolution.

1E. Examine the critique of the ‘just war’ by Diana Francis. Does she present realistic ways of confronting aggression and injustice?

1F. Examine the role of public spaces in a democratic society. Choose a specific public space and evaluate the way it is managed with respect to cultural and political expression in a tolerant multicultural democracy.
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