and for the vodka that mellows the coke (ouch_right) wrote in thequestionclub,
and for the vodka that mellows the coke

removing oil stains?

The other day at work I had on a white cotton singlet underneath my shirt, which was underneath an apron. I was doing stuff with oil (olive oil) for an hour, continually wiping my hands on my apron. In the end the oil soaked through to my shirt, and to my there any way to remove the stains from my singlet? One of my coworkers said to put talcum powder on the stains and leave it overnight, then wash it as normal...I did that, but the singlet is still slightly discoloured. It's just simple cotton, anyone know of any tips?

ETA: yes, duh, I googled this first, I'm not stupid. I've been trying other remedies on my shirt, since I don't want to f*ck up my singlet, but none of them have worked yet, so I'm looking for something that ACTUALLY DOES.
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