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360 Wireless headset woes...

Ran into a "bit" of a sync problem with my new wireless headset for the 360(after my fraile looking wired one broke like...2 days ago). Charged it up and everything...followed the manual...supposed to work, right? Wrong. The controller(only have one currently) booted the headset off the first channel. I could only go to channel s 2-4, never back to 1. I did get it to work at some point, but it was purely by accident and couldnt reproduce exactly what I did. Looked up the troubleshooting, nothing worked. Looked up Xbox forums, and they kept talking about a problem with the headset and launch date controllers. Controllers would boot the headset off the first channel, etc. Here's the kicker: I don't own a launch 360. My 360 was bought about 2 months ago and the manufacturer date is Nov 15...of 2006. O_o I'll most likely get another wired headset(that EA football coach monstrosity the wife likes) until Logitech comes out with a headset. However, before I return the headset, want to exhaust all possible fixes to this problem. As always, your input is appreciated. =D
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