xxamuse_me (xxamuse_me) wrote in thequestionclub,

Travel Questions+ Music..etc..

This is will be my first time traveling in quite some time. This will be my first time having an e-ticket as opposed to having paper ticket (which I like better because then I know for sure I’m on the flight). Btw, my relatives were the one who booked my ticket. I just fear that somehow the computers will have some type of error and say that they don’t have my ticket on record. Anyways, here are my questions:

1. Which is better: using a kiosk or just getting/printing out boarding pass online within 24 hrs of the flight?
2. Also I don’t want the hassle of checking in my bags since I’m only staying at my destination a mere 4 days. But is it safe to have my disposable razor (I absolutely need to shave, lol) on my carry-on?
3. Speaking of traveling, is anybody a member of the mile high club? If so, was it with random stranger or someone who you actually knew? Stories please…
4. What music would suggest on m travel playlist? (Specifically, classic rock and current music)
5. Who do you think is the most underrated classic rock band ever?
6.The shock and horror but I have to wear a bathing suit…sucks ass but I love going to the beach...any suggestions on how to mask the stretch mark on the thighs besides just covering it with the fabric?
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