Get me out of here (ohkatespade) wrote in thequestionclub,
Get me out of here

i have a long commute

So, while driving to work this morning I was wondering someone was against mixing of the races how would they feel about an adopted child of a different race? For example, if a person claimed to not be racist just interested in securing the purity of their own race, would they think it was ok for a white person to adopt an asian/african child? Technically they're not ruining the bloodlines or anything since they aren't blood related.
Weird I know.

Anyone have XM radio? How do you like it? I bought my mom a receiver for Christmas last year and she never hooked up so I took that shit back and now it's mine. Since I already have the receiver should I just get the service?

Do you get to leave early for Good Friday?

What are you in the mood to eat?

1. I'm not sure, since I'm not like that and I don t know anyone that is that I could ask.
2.I don t know this one either. I think I should do it though.
3. Anything mexican with a lot of cheese and extra extra extra pico sounds like money right now!
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