divine_excess (divine_excess) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do I need written permission?

I have a cable access show and we're in the process of putting the first show together.
I'm the host of the show and I like to have a floating co-host to keep the show fresh.
We want to use some of two interviews I did with two bands. My co-host at the time is someone that I am no longer speaking with for a variety of reasons.

I really hate to use the interviews because I don't want his face/voice on my show but there's really no way to edit him out because I made sure that the interviews would be fair: I'd ask a question and then he would. Our cameraman included shots of us asking questions so if we cut him out, the interviews would end up looking weird.
I thought of mosaic-ing his face out but that would look ridiculous.

So I've decided to keep the segments in their entirety. My question is: Since I'm going to use the segments, do I have to ask him to put it in writing that I have permission to use his image on my show?

I think I have a myspace message from when we did this that he confirmed that I could use him on the show but I doubt that is enough.

He messaged me on my birthday to say Happy Birthday and I never responded. Am I supposed to pretend I'm okay with him just to get him to sign a paper saying I can use his image and then I can just never talk to him again and continue hating his face?

I don't know the rules of using people for television, even if its just crappy cable access. I'm not going to be profitting in any way from this, I just don't want any problems.

I can't just go and to the interviews by myself again because 1. Its special to me since it was my first interview(s) and 2. They're not local bands. One of them is European; so its not like I can just go and retape it.

Please help!
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