marilyn (_imnotcrazy_) wrote in thequestionclub,

In my sociology class the prof. was going over marriage and religion, especially polygamy.  We watched this video on polygamy in the United States, where they would show both sides of polygamous marriages.  One of the things that got me was the fact that one of the men in those marriages said "Can you really trust your husband?..." And goes on about how he has multiple wives, and they can trust him because all his wives ... in more realistic terms, know who he's screwing, instead of being in a monogamous relationship where the wife doesn't know who he's sleeping with.  And, the women didn't look happy (even in the good examples of polygamous families), and many other women were saying that it was dehumanizing to hear their husband having sex with someone else, etc.  They had good and bad examples of polygamy (showing abusive and incestuous polygamous marriages in the US, and more successful polygamous marriages).  But even with the more successful ones, it just seemed to me that they weren't completely happy.  Overall, the whole video really irritated me...

Also--the women said that they had to put their selfishness aside--selfishness, meaning jealousy of other wives, which I thought was a bit disturbing

So to the questions:

1) Have you been in a polygamous relationship/marriage/etc
2) Has anyone grown up with a polygamous marriage?

..(for 1 and 2 I'm assuming not many, lol...)

3) What's your take on polygamous marriages in general?
4) Would you agree or disagree that you "can't trust your husband 100% to not cheat"/Do you agree or disagree that women's jealousy, even in a polygamous marriage, is considered selfish?
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