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What easter related books, tv shows (or episodes), movies, etc, do you know of? That aren't religious, preferably.
My favourite easter related thing is an episode of The Adventures Of Lano and Woodley, where Col turns into a chocolate fiend, and also has a 'war' with one of their neighbours over a pair of his spotty socks that he thinks she stole, and stuff about people with speech impediments, and a priest who insists on everyone calling him  Ricky rather than Father Richard. And an Easter Rock Mass... and Frank traumatising children... :D sooo good.
So what have you got that's eastery?
And for your entertainment:

At the start of each episode, they get fired in some way or another. This is how they get fired in the easter episode mwhahaha!

I thought of another one! Father Ted. That has a GREAT easter episode, well, Lent. Where they try and quit smoking, drinking and rollerblading... :D And a nun comes to try and make them stick to their lenten vows and also make them 'better people'. It involved being dragged along behind a tractor and all sorts.

Another question: Have you heard of/Do you like The Adventures of Lano and Woodley, and Father Ted?
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