Melanie (jadorelefromage) wrote in thequestionclub,

hooker trannies!

okay so check it visiting miami for a few days, and i'm looking thru their local free weekly paper thing. i get to the back and see all these ads for escorts and hookers and whatnot...i see alot of them that are pictures of what appears to be a really good looking woman..and then it mentions "10 inches". okay so i guess trannies are popular down here. but my QUESTION IS...and ive always been curious about this...what type of people are interested in chicks with dicks..for a lack of a better now i dont know if these trannies are men that have transformed themselves into women, or if they are women who have had functional penises attached..but either way..i dont get it..i mean, i can't imagine a straight guy or a straight woman would want to hook up with one of these...however, i cant imagine a gay man or woman would either!!!! i am so confused!! lol...anyone have any idea about this? i am seriously curious.
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