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-What is the best/easiest way to learn/memorize your times tables?

-Agree or Disagree: to do something you *think* you love, its worth going through something you hate?
(Backstory: I would love to be a reporter, but you have to major in journalism, right? And that requires crazy amounts of english and writing classes, no? Well I hate to write. I've heard I'm good at it(I don't think so though), I just HATE to do it... should I not bother with it then? I'm torn...)

-What is the purpose of changing the "tt" in http to "xx" in music communities like wedontsendit? (Maybe they do it in others too... I just haven't seen it)

Answered! Thanks!
-My aunt and uncle are out of town till sunday and my cousin wants to throw a party. The neighbors are aware of the situation. They maybe keeping an eye out for her. Could they catch on? Will she get caught? How can she avoid getting caught? If I get super wasted and sleepover will my mom show up at 8am to check up on us?

*silly answers pleaseeeee*

Any of you have any *I-threw-a-crazy-party-while-the-'rents-were-out-and-lived-to-tell-about-it* stories to share?

Hmmmk I'm done. Entertain me with your answers... its a slow day here at work...

Edit on the Journalism question:
I don't wanna work for a newspaper or magazine. My goal would be to become a news broadcaster. As in, the kind that report on tv...
I've heard you can also major in mass communication. Is that true? Is it the same?
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