Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in thequestionclub,

Birthday Argument

Hey all. My son's second birthday is coming up in June. I've already bought 2 of his gifts and my husband and I are arguing about his third.

So far he's got a TMX Elmo and Tom and Jerry plushies.

My husband wants to get him a toddler 4 wheeler.

I want to get him an art easel and art supplies.

Where we live isn't the best place for a 4 wheeler. The back yard is taken up by a gazebo and soon it will have a swingset underneath a canopy (we don't have any trees for shade).

He likes to color on the windows (which I don't mind). I'd like to get him involved in more creative things before I'd let him get involved in more of the dangerous aspects of boyhood.

What do you think? Maybe if I showed him some other opinions on the 4 wheeler issue, he might cave. He thinks it is a great idea because one of his coworkers bought his daughter a 4 wheeler for her second birthday.

Any input is much appreciated.

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